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Amplivox Otowave 102-4 Portable Tympanometer

Otowave 102-4 Handheld Portable Tympanometer

Fast accurate middle ear measurements with total portability and reliability. The Amplivox Otowave 102-4 tympanometer also provides a 1000Hz reflex test functionality. Designed for both mobile and clinic use.

  • • Fast accurate middle ear measurements
  • • Ergonomic shape
  • • Totally portable
  • • Intuitive use
  • • Large graphics display
  • • Programmable reflex test
  • • Optional portable printer and PC interface
  • • No external power or data cables

Elegantly shaped to follow the contours of a hand and with a perfect weight distribution, tests can be completed with confidence and accuracy.

Ease of use
The Otowave is very intuitive to use with on-screen information displayed before, during and after the test. The compliance peak, compliance peak pressure, gradient, ear canal volume and an ipsi lateral refl ex test will be measured within seconds. The programmable refl ex test can be confi gured for one frequency (1KHz) for the Otowave 102-1 and four (500, 1KHz, 2KHz and 4KHz) for the Otowave 102-4.

Recording results
Results are displayed for review on a large high-resolution graphics display. Results can be:
• saved within internal memory with a patient identifi er
• printed via an infra-red connection to the optional portable printer
• transferred to a PC with an IrDA port, NOAH3 database with the optional Amplivox impedance module

Lightweight and weighing just 380g, the Otowave is designed to be a totally portable ‘go anywhere’ instrument which is reliable, accurate and easy to use. The Otowave requires no external power or data cables.
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